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We live in a world of constant change frequently unexpected, bringing new challenges and often accompanied by insecurity, stress, anxiety and fear. Who would have imagined that our lives were going to be dominated by a Pandemic with the awful consequences of so many unexpected deaths, illness, separation from loved ones and unable to visit in hospital or say our goodbyes? The Pandemic has shown us, if nothing else, how we depend on others, especially friends and family for support, who often give us a sense of belonging, purpose and meaning to our lives. We are inter-dependent on each other. No-one, as the poet said, 'is an island entire onto himself'.

Now other threats are emerging following on from the war in Ukraine, fuel and food shortages, inflation and the rising cost of living.

In these turbulent and challenging times I am offering my services as a Professional Counsellor. So, if you want support, to make sense of the way you are feeling and how you may be able to find your way out of a dark cloud you may be experiencing, then please read though my Profile and consider whether I can be of help?

About Me

I have worked for almost 50 years as a Mental Health Practitioner in the NHS and this has brought me into contact with people at many levels of human distress.


Counselling is a unique opportunity to talk in confidence with a Counsellor about your thoughts, feelings and life experience and present circumstances. 


Please ring on 07801708251 for an initial discussion and if you wish we can make a first initial appointment to discuss the therapy I am offering.